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Hawks And Owls

We’ve been on the move again. Our ultimate destination this time was Cornwall, but we had a few days in Hampshire first, with friends. A great highlight has been the day at the Hawk Conservancy. It ended up being just me and Junior-Senior, the others being a bit wiped-out with lurgy, and another little boy and his mother.

Sunshine and brimstones

It’s been a beautiful day. The mist burned away by 9 o-clock, and since then the sun has been beaming down on upon us from a perfectly blue sky such as children would paint. It has been a day for being out in the garden, which means that once the sun goes down, and the children have too, I will be condemned to hours on the computer to finish my work, but it will have been worth it.

Pancake Day

Junior-Junior has set me a challenge; he wants “pancakes for tea, pancakes for lunch, pancakes for snack and pancakes even for breakfast”. In a fit of weakness, I said yes. Of course we can’t make the same pancakes for every meal; even Jr-Jr would get bored of that, (probably). So we have a plan, and we’re going global.