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Rhubarb Tart

This is from Raymond Blanc’s “Cooking For Friends”. It is an excellent cookbook, and thoroughly reliable, one of the few I feel I can cook from when entertaining without a trial run, but then I quite enjoy winging it when cooking sometimes.

Mealie Cake

This may or may not be authentic, and it may or may not be South African. I made it as part of our South African meal, and it went down very well indeed. The recipe is a cobble together of various versions found on the internet, and put through their paces in my kitchen. I have no note about where each version came from, except for a scribble saying this was largely based on Georgia’s. So Georgia, whoever and wherever you are, thank-you.


There are many fine pizza recipes out there, but this is our version for the clay oven. The dough recipe is from Tamasin Day-Lewis’s “Supper For a Song”, and is very good, as are so many of her recipes.

Eggs Marmitine

I love poached eggs, truly and deeply. I love them on toast (toasted muffin counts), with hollandaise sauce. They are the perfect egg. There are many variations on the poached egg / hollandaise / toast wonder-theme, the greatest of which are eggs Benedict, and if I may, my eggs Marmitine.