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50 Shades Of Green *

Spring is really springing. It is cold, and periodically wet. There is hail, and winds, and some days it looks like winter is coming back with a vengeance, but it’s just a temporary illusion. We are definitely winning. The tulips are out, the late daffodils too (the earlies are packing up already), and blossom is well, blossoming. It is all burgeoning, as Carol Klein would rightly say. I love it all, but I think I love the greens the most.

Hawks And Owls

We’ve been on the move again. Our ultimate destination this time was Cornwall, but we had a few days in Hampshire first, with friends. A great highlight has been the day at the Hawk Conservancy. It ended up being just me and Junior-Senior, the others being a bit wiped-out with lurgy, and another little boy and his mother.

Music by the Masses

One of my uncle’s indicators as to whether a person is living a rewarding life, is whether or not they have friends and family around them with whom they can sing when they get together. It’s a bloody good indicator. And it seems that it’s one that fewer and fewer of us can say that we have nailed.