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Parasites And Primroses

I’ve got a parasite! Woo-hoo!
Ok this may not be a typical response to getting a parasite, but I promise you this is not looking on the bright side gone mad, nor have I completely taken leave of my senses. This is not a typical parasite. It is the attractive, unusual and perhaps slightly sinister looking purple toothwort Lathraea Clandestina, and technically I don’t have the parasite, the willow “fedge” (fence / hedge – click here) around the tree-house does.

Ponds, Poison, and Peter Pan

It’s raining. It’s been raining all day, and it was raining all yesterday. In fact it feels like it’s been raining since about 1996, but I’m pretty sure that can’t be true. Either way, the ground is saturated, and there is standing water in the lowest part of the garden.